Born of an entrepreneurial father, we can certainly say that, from a very young age, the entrepreneurial spirit lived in France Sergerie. Already at the time, she said that one day she would have her own business “I dreamed of having the ice cream truck passing by in our lane and later buying the creamery very close to my home” she underlines laughing.

This interest, she cultivated throughout her youth without suspecting that this is what will influence a little later her choice to continue her studies in finance.

Subsequently, it was while working for his father that the building mechanics quietly interfered in his journey. When they were only 24 and 25 years old, France and her brother Yves had the opportunity to go into business. An opportunity that they seized in 1988 and which modestly originated in the basement of the family residence. With Yves’ training as a refrigeration technician, the siblings have obviously found a complementarity and a winning combination as they celebrated 32 years of professional collaboration this year, surrounded by the hundred people employed by Lysair today.

Knowing that entrepreneurship is what attracted France Sergerie to the base, she was however aware that there was a lack of technical knowledge of the profession. “I really read everything that was done in the field because I wanted to learn,” she says. This curiosity meant that she quickly discovered CETAF and became a member in the first year of their company’s existence. “I thought it was a corporation that cares about the refrigeration business and I felt it was my duty to get involved,” she said.

France also sat on the board of directors as a member, but also as president between 2004 and 2006. Function for which she immediately set herself the task of increasing the visibility of CETAF. More specifically, it was government agencies that she targeted since she felt that industry professionals needed their trade to be more protected. In addition to this important mandate, she led the advancement of several projects such as that of Hydro-Solution as well as that of geothermal energy and more.

Clinging to the projects she believes in, France Sergerie is a woman who will never hesitate to invest herself fully by conviction. “At the time, whether in a professional or personal context, when I met people, I always waited for the right moment to put on my ambassador’s hat and talk about CETAF. I was so convinced of its usefulness that I could not help catching the rebound when the chance arose. “

Today, she contributes to the sustainability of the industry in order to ensure a certain continuity in the promotion of the profession. It is through communication that she tries to transmit her passion a little more each day to the next generation while encouraging her to act in order to raise awareness of the impact it can have on the evolution of the job.