It’s possible that your electricity bills are higher than they should be. With the colder temperatures coming, it’s important that your heating system is up to date. Which is why, to help upgrade the energy efficiency of your home, the government offers the Chauffez Vert financial aid.


Chauffez Vert program: what is it?

As mentioned above, this program aims to help you in switching your heat pump and heating system to a more energy-efficient option. It’s important to know all the qualifying criterion before starting any other step to make sure you can benefit from the financial aid. Take note that you have 6 months after the start of your works to submit your request, up until December 30th, 2020.


Financial aid: what are the eligibility conditions?

At Lysair, it will be our pleasure to help you in the various steps of your energy efficiency project. Our specialists are available to answer any questions you might have, to make sure that you meet all the necessary conditions to apply for the program.

Chauffez Vert is aimed at individuals or businesses owning dwellings or residential buildings located of the Quebec territory. To participate, it is your responsibility to make sure you meet all requirements BEFORE undertaking your works. Once they are completed, you can proceed to your financial aid request.

Here’s a summary of the different eligible dwelling types:

  • one family dwellings (individual, twin houses, townhouses or mobile homes);
  • duplex;
  • triplex;
  • multi-unit residential building (with maximum 3 floors and a maximum floor area of 600 m²).

The respect of the other criterion are requested on the Transition Énergétique Québec website. Also, obtaining the Chauffez Vert financial aides conditional to your agreeing of certain commitments on your end.

We remind you that it is your responsibility to make sure you respect all conditions and requirements of the Chauffez Vert program BEFORE the realization of your works. To know everything about the eligibility of your project, consult with attention the following link:

On the Transition Énergétique Québec website, procedures to follow are available to guide you in your project. To know all the steps of the Chauffez Vert program, visit the following page:


Subsidy: what amount am I eligible for?

The financial aid offered by the Chauffez Vert program is 650 $ per house or per accomodation (for multi-unit buildings). Moreover, until December 2020, the financial aid amount is enhanced by 1 000 $ per ownerfor the installation of a low temperature heat pump. PTo qualify for this enhancement, the heat pump model must figure on the list of qualifying models. Consult this link for more details:


Here are the summary tables of the financial aid amounts offered by the program:

Electrical conversion of a central heating system by dwelling type

Dwelling type

Light fuel oil


Individual house

1 275 $

850 $

Twin house or townhouse

875 $

650 $

Mobile home

1 075 $

600 $

Duplex or triplex

875 $ × number of qualifying units*

650 $ × number of qualifying units*

Multi-unit residential building

550 $ × number of qualifying units*

225 $ × number of qualifying units*


* A unit is considered eligible if it has as a heating system one that is targeted by the dismantlement. Moreover, Transition Énergétique Québec offer a calculating tool to estimate your future savings and the return on investment after changing your heating system. Several useful tips are also available. Click on the following link to gain access:


Which renewable energy types are accepted?

The goal being to allow you to transition to renewable energy sources, here are the ones accepted by the program:

  • electricity;*
  • biomass;
  • geothermal;
  • wind;
  • solar;
  • aerothermal (heat pump)*

*Needs to be supplied by the main Hydro-Québec grid

Take note that Lysair offers systems using geothermal, aerothermal and electrical energy.


Need tips? Get in touch with us!

Switching your heating system for an energy-efficient option is another step towards long term savings. At Lysair, our mission is to help you in your choice of heat pump and heating system, so that YOUR needs are properly met. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be more than happy to guide you through your project and to make sure you respect all eligibility criterion to the Chauffez Vert program.