Our long Quebec winters remind us of the importance of choosing the right heating system. The comfort of your cozy home is not to be neglected and Lysair can help you. This article will help you choose the right heating system, according to your needs.


You are not the only one who has needs to consider when choosing your heating system: your home too!

Dwelling Type (size)

There are several types of housing: duplex, bungalows, condos, new constructions, ancestral homes, major renovations, etc. This is to be considered when choosing your heating system. For example, adding a central electrical system to a bungalow that is not undergoing major renovations is not really aconsiderable option.


When budgeting, it is important to consider the long-term savings that some heating systems will allow you to make. Therefore, we have experts to assist you  in making the best choice according to your budget.


Lysair always makes sure that the heating system you choose is installed at an optimal place to function to its full potential. However, the type of systems recommended for you depends on the level of comfort you are looking for.


 Wall units are not what they used to be! Their lines are more refined, which allows the evaporator to blend well with the decor. However, not everyone wants a visible heating system. Therefore, you should consult our experts  about the different options available! 



 Several heating system  options are available on the market. Here are the different options we offer:

Electric Systems:

  • Electric Furnaces

 This type of device is reliable, efficient and easy to use. It offers a high-level efficiency by operating with the air in your home and converting (clean) energy into heat.

  • Heat Pump:

Taking in the heat from the outside air or taking out the heat from the inside air, this is a heating AND cooling system. There are cassette, ducted or wall-mounted heat pumps.


Natural Gas System: 

  • Gas Furnace

The heat in the device is created by combustion and is then transmitted to the ambient air through an exchanger. It works mainly like electric furnaces, but its heat source comes from gas burners.

  • Geothermal: 

This method uses the energy of the ground, so it is clean and renewable energy. This type of heating requires an underground system, a heat pump and a distribution system.


Choose Quality!

At Lysair, we believe that choosing a heating system from recognized brands  is essential to ensure the lifespan of your devices and their proper functioning. However, we must not forget the importance of their maintenanceto maintain  its efficiency.

At Lysair, we are heating system specialists. Contact us  for personalized advice!