Indoor air quality

On January 8, the government released an informative document about the relationship between poor ventilation and transmission of the Covid-19 virus. In this short article, we share important elements to consider, now that the third wave has arrived.


Air Quality and Covid-19

It has been scientifically proven that Covid-19 is a very contagious and volatile virus. That’s why it is essential to maintain good indoor air quality to prevent virus particles from wandering around and being inhaled through our respiratory system (mouth and nose).


Indoor Ventilation and Covid-19 

It’s no secret that good ventilation in a closed environment can improve air quality. The role of ventilation is to extract contaminated indoor air and aerate the contaminants already present by introducing fresh air from the outside.

It allows, among other things, to avoid the accumulation of infectious elements in the air. Thus, the concentration of Covid-19 viral particles can be reduced with a good ventilation system. In doubt, do not hesitate to ask us for advice!


Air Filtration and Covid-19

It is also possible to filter indoor air. Filters can be added in a ventilation system, or in a portable filtration device. They will help reduce the concentration of viral particles in the air. For filtration to be effective, the system must be selected, positioned, maintained and used properly. Do not hesitate to ask our team at Lysair for advice. The filtration system can help reduce the risks of inhaling the Covid-19 particles present in the air. 


Adapted Solutions

Ventilation and filtration are part of many control measures that can be applied in a preventive manner to avoid the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in indoor environments. They are just as important as distancing and disinfecting hands and surfaces.

Solutions to maintain good ventilation should be in place alongside other protective measures required by the government to minimize the spread of the virus. Ask us for advice on how to keep your indoor air as healthy as possible. Our team has developed several solutions adapted to the pandemic. We stay informed of new discoveries and research related to air quality and Covid-19. Contact us to find out more!