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At Lysair, we are equipped to carry out our installations all year long.

  • A dirty or clogged filter
  • Low batteries in a thermostat or remote control

Maintaining the filter on a wall unit is the most important procedure for the proper functioning of your device. During peak periods, cleaning should be done monthly.

Allow us about 8 working days maximum, to allow us to plan your installation well. However, in the majority of cases, a shorter deadline is often respected.

An air conditioner only works in cooling mode, while a heat pump works in heating and cooling mode.

To comply with the terms of your guarantees in force, specialized maintenance by one of our certified technicians is required every 2 years.

Our advisers will be able to properly inform you about the grants available to you. Here are the important links to consult:

For a central system, the frequency varies depending on your use. Here are our basic recommendations:

  • For a 1 inch filter : 12x a year
  • For a 2 inch filter : 4x a year
  • For a 4 inch and more filter : 2x a year
  • Check whether the air filter is dirty. Replace and / or clean it if necessary.
  • Make sure the electrical breakers on the main panel are on.
  • Replace the batteries of equipment, remote control, thermostat, etc.
  • Make sure your system is in demand for air conditioning or heating.
  • If you see ice on your heat pump or air conditioner, immediately turn the unit off and wait for the technician to arrive so that the ice can melt and the unit is ready to repair.
  • Perform a system reset, shutting off the power for 15 minutes.Restore power, and verify operation.
  • Take note of the brand and model number of your products, which can be found on the nameplate.
  • Contact us and be ready to explain the problems experienced to the service department and subsequently to the technician.
  • Be available on site during the technician’s visit.
  • Be prepared to give payment to the technician during the repair.
  • Let us know of any problem or special situation so that we can provide you with the best possible service.

Yes, all heat pumps have a variable defrost sequence. Ice or frost should disappear on the next defrost or after a few consecutive defrosts.

Yes, during defrosting, the accumulated frost evaporates and forms a vapor which is evacuated by the heat pump.

Put your thermostat in emergency heat mode and try to thaw your heat pump with a hot water boiler. Return your system to normal mode and verify its operation. If the problem persists, contact us to place a service call.

  • Decrease the humidifier set point.
  • Be sure to lower the set point of your air exchanger. The purpose of an air exchanger is to dehumidify the air from your home.
  • Leave the fan on continuously to recirculate the air in your home.

The normal humidity level is between 35% and 50%, depending on the properties of your home.


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