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Lysair supports you in the process of all your projects.

Installation steps

For all your projects, Lysair is with you every step of the way.


Identification of your needs

First, you can submit your quote request online or by phone, and one of our advisers will contact you shortly. Indeed, it is with pleasure that we will inform you and answer your questions regarding your project. In order to further assess your needs, we offer a free home consultation with one of our specialized advisers.


Definition of your project

During the meeting with our specialized adviser, we will help you with the choice of your installation according to your needs, your expectations and will evaluate the details of your project. For over 32 years, Lysair has acquired the experience necessary to offer you products judiciously selected for your environment. At the end of the meeting, you will be presented with a complete estimate including several possibilities.


Realization of your project

Now it’s time to breathe, Lysair takes care of everything! As soon as we receive your approval, we will make an appointment for the assembly of your system as soon as possible. During this time, our technical department will take care of the preparation of your equipment. Of course, the installation is the most important step! This is why our certified technicians will make sure to respect the manufacturer’s instructions (depending on each product) and the standards in force on the market, in order to optimize the proper functioning of your devices.


Continuation of the Lysair experience

Our mission does not end so soon! The Lysair experience goes beyond installation. In fact, we will continue to support you in your new way of life. Whether to answer your questions, carry out maintenance on your device or any other need or question, we will be there. You are now part of the big Lysair family. Your desire to share the beautiful story of your visit to Lysair is for us a guarantee of a mission accomplished.


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La compétence, l’intégrité, l’implication et le respect sont les valeurs fondamentales chez Lysair. Depuis plus de 32 ans, c’est notre esprit familial qui nous a permis de développer un lien unique avec notre clientèle. Grâce à notre éthique de travail rigoureuse, nous sommes fières de faire partie de l’évolution du domaine de la ventilation/climatisation/chauffage au Québec.



Lysair se distingue par son implication envers ses clients, par sa fierté et son dévouement et par la qualité de son travail et de ses services d’installation en ventilation, climatisation et chauffage. Depuis 1987, Lysair a pris les moyens nécessaires pour offrir à ses clients la plus belle expérience d’achat possible. Tous nos efforts sont mis en collaboration au sein de l’entreprise pour que la qualité de nos services soit toujours optimum. Lysair détient des licences d’entrepreneur général et spécialisé lui permettant d’accomplir plusieurs types de travaux selon les normes de l’industrie. Polyvalents, les professionnels de Lysair effectuent l’évaluation, la conception, la mise en place des installations, ainsi que leur entretien.



Qu’est-ce qui fait le succès de Lysair? Son grand champ d’expertise, ses 32 ans d’expérience, ses relations respectueuses et durables avec ses fournisseurs et ses clients, la stabilité de son personnel, les partenariats avec plusieurs secteurs spécialisés et ses nombreuses réalisations! Venez vivre l’expérience Lysair!


Competence, integrity, commitment and respect are the core values ​​at Lysair. For over 32 years, it is our family spirit that has allowed us to develop a unique bond with our customers. Thanks to our rigorous work ethic, we are proud to be part of the evolution of the field of ventilation / air conditioning / heating in Quebec.



Lysair stands out for its commitment to its customers, its pride, its dedication, the quality of its work and its installation services in ventilation, air conditioning and heating. Since 1987, Lysair has taken the necessary steps to offer its customers the best possible shopping experience. All our efforts are put in collaboration within the company so that the quality of our services is always optimum. Lysair holds general and specialized contractor licenses allowing it to perform several types of work according to industry standards. Versatile, Lysair professionals carry out the assessment, design, installation of the facilities, as well as their maintenance.


What makes Lysair so successful? Its wide field of expertise, its 32 years of experience, its respectful and lasting relationships with its customers and suppliers, the stability of its staff, partnerships with several specialized sectors and its many achievements! Come and live the Lysair experience!



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