Founded in 1987, Lysair is a family business, counting today more than 150 certified employees. Stemming from a common passion and an avant-garde vision, this French-Canadian business forged itself a choice place in the HVAC industry. Year after year, the great Lysair family evolves while staying true to its core values: quality, devotion and innovation. Discover the secret to this longevity that this truly great business possesses.


Une histoire de famille

Built from a classic entrepreneurial model, Lysair was born from a family passion passed down from generation to generation. The current owners, Yves and France Sergerie, managed to deploy great creativity and ambition during the last 30 years. “I remember our first commercial contracts, signed in our parents’ basement. It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come”, recalls France Sergerie. Since its inception, Lysair had as its mission to position itself as a leader in the HVAC industry. “We managed to surround ourselves with the right people, such as Benoit Déry, associate for 10 years now, who had the same entrepreneurial vision than us”, says Yves Sergerie. Always with the goal to surpass itself, here’s now Lysair, with more than 150 specialized employees, operating in all sectors of the industry, forging partnerships with the biggest names in the field.


Une vision d’avenir 

Lysair’s future depends largely on its biggest strength: its agility, that comes from the fact that the company is always listening to their customers’ precise and ever-changing needs: “Lysair was founded with the goal to meet very specific needs in our field. It’s what makes us a choice business in this field.”, the directors explain. Besides, the company reorients its efforts to allocate a particular attention to its air quality and treatment department, conscious of the environmental and sanitary stakes which characterize the current times. This reorientation testifies to Lysair’s remarkable agility to always aim itself towards the needs of its customers.

Combining this with a constant thirst to uncover the best products on the market and unparalleled customer service, Lysair is equipped for the future, no matter what it has in store for it.


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