Lysair always stood out by the quality of its installations. We managed to ensure this level of quality thanks to our durable relationships with our suppliers, by choosing only the suppliers with the best products. Among these, Lennox and Fujitsu, both legendary companies in our field.


Lennox : a heritage of innovation

Starting out with the first riveted-steel heating furnace in 1895, Lennox managed to stand out from the competition thanks to its innovative products. Specialized in central systems, the company continuously innovates, perfecting its heat pumps, A/C units, heating furnaces and ventilation systems from its dedicated R & D center in Carrollton, Texas.

Whether its Quantum Coil technology, iComfort smart thermostats or Precise Comfort technology, Lennox doesn’t stop innovating and impressing. That’s why for your central air conditioning, heating or ventilation needs, Lysair trusts Lennox!


Fujitsu : Japanese ingenuity for your comfort

Japanese giant Fujitsu is the leader in the information technology field in Japan, and offers a very wide selection of products and services. Among those products, wall A/C units! Having now a presence in every continent, the company made its mark by maximizing the use of technology to improve the quality of life of its customers; their A/C units are no exception to that. Efficient and compact, they symbolize the legendary efficiency of Japanese engineering.

Lysair offers a comprehensive selection of Fujitsu wall A/C units, to offer you a cool environment where life is good.

Beyond our services in the A/C field , our certified experts can install for you heating , ventilation and air treatment systems with an unrivaled efficiency and courtesy. Our versatility allows us to be qualified for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.For all your projects, trust Lysair! Contact us today and our advisors will be happy to help you find the system for you!